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I’d suggest taking a look at this post about Christmas memories. hit the link below.

A child walking down the streets of downtown Roxboro where he had lived most of my life. There was a store that specialized in just about anything you needed. Whether it was Massey’s shoe store, Gip’s Electric Appliance and Gun shop,…

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Here is my post with the top 5 best Christmas light displays in Milwaukee, WI.

Click the link below for the whole article and photos.

I’ve gone around looking for the best Christmas lights in the Milwaukee area and taken some photos to help guide you. This list also takes into account that “Christmas feeling” each has. To me, one of the leading spots didn’t actually have the most impressive lights. It did have a wonderful feeling and if I were taking my kids out on a Christmas celebration, I think it has a whole lot more going for it than some that had more impressive lights. I think that’s important. Looking at lights is fun but if some places can create a lasting memory that has more than just lights, I think that might be just as important.

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Just a thought!

Some great words of advice about what counts from someone sharing with his heart. Click the link below.

Just a thought!.

Door County Wisconsin

Door County Wisconsin is a very popular vacation area even with other Wisconsin residents.

Maybe it’s because it is so close to Green Bay and the Packers. Maybe it is popular because the area is so beautiful. Perhaps, because it offers a great getaway and is still not too far from Milwaukee (or even Illinois).

Be sure to check the link below for more info about Door County, WI.

The fun in Door County does not stop with the arrival of cooler weather.Those bike trails turn into cross country ski trails during the winter. There is also snowshoeing to be done.There are a large number of marked snowmobile trials. Wisconsin is one of the few places youll see marked snowmobile signs on roads.Finally, there is deer hunting season. Im not a deer hunter, but living in Wisconsin, Ive know a lot of hunters that head up to Door County every year for deer season. I’ve seen several places offering hunting and fishing licenses along the highways. Deer season is probably not a good time to go to Door County hike obviously.

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The Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate House in New Glarus, Wisconsin has a feature that keeps it in memory.

The smell of chocolate. The Cheese and Chocolate Haus is also very typical of the Swiss styled buildings that make New Glarus such a wonderful place to visit.

Check out the link below for some photos and more information about the Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate Haus.

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What makes a password good or bad has actually changed a bit in recent times.

What I would have recommended to you with confidence 3-4 years ago, would be a terrible idea in today’s environment. Only the most complex password recommendations from a few years ago still stand today. Chances are you need to change some of your passwords even if you think you chose good ones for them a few years ago. I know I personally have had to change mine.

What you need to know about choosing passwords (and tell your mother too):

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New Glarus Wisconsin is a fantastic place to visit. Christmas is a wonderful time to visit but nearly anytime of year can feel a bit like Christmas there.


New Glarus calls itself “America’s Little Switzerland.”

A title which is well deserved. The Swiss Chalet styled buildings with Christmas lights (some of these lights are used year round) really give New Glarus the character of a Swiss village (at least what many Americans would think resembles a Swiss village).

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There is another fake IRS email going around.

This one does not contain malware (yet) but still could be very dangerous.

It contains two Adobe PDF files. While neither of these files contain malware, this is a serious attempt to steal your personal information.

These scams tend to work a bit better during the time we are all thinking about taxes and may not be suspicious of being contacted by the IRS.

Check out the post about the IRS 1042-W fake email scam here.

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Don’t fall for the fake IRS email virus!

Now that it’s tax season malware is after your money as well as the government. Often as an email, malware impersonates the IRS in an attempt to infect your computer and steal your personal data.

You can find great advice on avoiding this malware and scam at

The specific article about the IRS virus and malware email scam is here

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Here is a post about what you can learn about success from the Muppet Movie.

In the Muppet Movie, Kermit the Frog shows many rules we need to know about success.

In the movie, we follow Kermit the Frog in his quest for success. He faces all sorts of problems and overcomes them to be a success.

Here are five rules of success you can learn from the Muppet Movie:

5. Never settle for something you do not want.

5 Rules About Success I Learned From Kermit The Frog

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