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Start Your Day Really Right!

Some people never have a positive thought. 

A few years ago at New Year’s, My wife said something to someone.

My wife (who is Chinese) wished a Chinese New Year wish to the person. “New Year, New Hope.”

You would think that would be met with at the very least a “thank you” or something along that line.

Instead, she was verbally attacked.

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 Here’s a story about a really bad way to find customers. Never treat a potential customer in a way that will annoy them.

Does a cell phone need to be listed on the national do not call list to stop telemarketers?

No. Nearly all telemarketers use automated dialing. The FCC does not allow telemarketers to use automakers to call cell phones. They also cannot send email to cell phones from an Internet address. Yes, they are most likely breaking the law if they do this. We told them that. But nnnnnoooooo.

Source: » Bad Business Practice – Telemarketing to Cell Phones

Who Really Profits The Most From Comment Spam
Typical comment spam is an attempt to get a backlink with a certain keyword phrase in the anchor text.

The idea is to get lots of backlinks for a particular phrase to a website. Usually, a “long tail” keyword phrase of several words that may only really get a few searches. This will boost the site in Google’s rating for that phrase and together, the phrases give the site the ability to get more traffic from Google.

Find out who really profits from all that comment spam


I need a picture ID to take out a library book.

No ID is needed to vote.

A high ranking Wisconsin politician was caught voting twice during an election. Despite this, he had initially stated that he was not going to pull out of the race he was in (he did finally pull out).

There are those that say asking for a picture ID when you vote is unfair to those who do not have a drivers license. This is nonsense! You need an ID to cash a check at a bank. Is there anyone that does not fit into that category? No matter what your income, you have some kind of check to cash (S.S. or welfare).

In the city I live, we had more votes than registered voters in the last presidential campaign. Thousands more. No, I guess the system here works great. No need to make sure a real live person is voting for himself or herself. Oh by the way, Kerry had the most votes here. He had a lot of support from the grave apparently.

Somehow, we are told, it is unfair to ask for a picture ID to vote. Why?



Why do I have to nearly undress in public to go on an airplane or even some public buildings?

Why do I have to take off my shoes, my coat, my belt and let some strange person hover an electric, humming instrument around embarrassing parts of my body.

Why do I have let a complete stranger go through my things.

Why, all this even though I am not leaving the country.


Why does no one complain about this invasion of privacy, while they complain about phone calls made to other countries.

Why should my personal freedom be invaded while a someone with a conversation with someone in a country that threatens me daily, is “protected.”

There is a real twisted view of privacy and personal freedom being promoted in the media. A government has every right to control its borders and the communication crossing it.

Americans used to have the right to live like they were free. To travel without “papers.” Freedom from harassment from police forces when you have not committed a crime.

Maybe the terrorists have already won.