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For many, Thanksgiving is time to take the annual Christmas card picture.

For others, is just a time when everyone is together and they want to treasure the memories. After all, family is one thing to be very thankful for. It is often nearly too late to have a professional portrait done in time for Christmas.

A couple years ago, I decided Thanksgiving would be a great time to get a portrait of my grandpa and grandma.

Although I had access to professional equipment that few people can use, I made a few mistakes that prevented me from getting the portrait that I wanted. My grandfather died recently, and I was never able to get that last portrait that I wanted.

Here are five rules for getting great family photos this Thanksgiving.

How To Take Great Family Photos This Thanksgiving


Cheap Digital Prints – Online Digital Photo Prints
Online digital photo prints are one of the great things about digital photography.
One of the biggest advantages of digital cameras is that they allow you to forgo the purchase of film, forever.

Sure, you still have to buy memory cards, but a memory card is a durable, one-time purchase while film is an expendiable good that, once you use it, it’s gone. Film is also pretty expensive, even in bulk, and if you take a lot of photos or are a particulary bad photographer the cost of film can be considerable. Not only that, with standard film photography you have to pay processing fees as well as fees for film, making taking a lot of photos over the course of a holiday or vacation an expensive proposition.

Laser Color Printer

Laser Color Printer For Small Businesses
A laser color printer will usually print text sharper than an inkjet printer.

This alone makes the color laser printer a much better choice for a business, where text is the primary subject for printing. While an inkjet printer will still print photographs much better than a laser color printer will, the quality of photos from the latest color laser printer will surprise you. The newer laser color printer models produce magazine quality photos if not photo quality.

While digital photography has come a long way since the first digital cameras (they cost about $20,000-$40,000 and had 640×480 or less resolution) there still are a few things that have room for improvement.

Five Problems With Digital Photography
Digital photography is the future if not already the present of photography.

Of that, there is no doubt. However, there are some potential problems in digital photography that are often swept under the rug by the digital photo zealots.
This is not meant to be any kind of discouragement to anyone still considering going into digital photography.

I myself have not used a roll of film for any use in over two years. There is a good chance I may never use a roll of film again. It is important to be aware that there those out there that are always doom and gloom and just cannot accept the change. Do not listen to them

I find that most people who do buy a digital camera by photographic manufacturer seem more satisfied with their decision than those that buy a consumer electronics brand or off name brand. I do not think it is coincidence.

What Brand Digital Camera Should I Buy?
If you ask the question “What brand of digital camera should I buy?” to a group of photographers you will may start a very heated conversation

There is a tendency for any person to feel that their choice on any matter is the best. There also seems to be a need in most people to convince others of the correctness of that choice. This is true on almost any subject and choosing a digital camera is no exception. So, read the following knowing that some is my personal opinion and some is based on my experience and some from watching the experiences of others. Also, you may or may not get the same advice if you ask another photographer. Whatever advice you take, make sure it is backed up with some fact and relevant experience.

When you are choosing a digital camera one of the first question to answer is “what do you want to photograph.”

Not everyone will be best suited with a Canon EOS1Ds Mark II. In fact, it would not be a fun camera at all to take to a party (as long as you are not there just to photograph the party).

On the other hand, if you want to photograph your kids soccer games, you will have a hard time with many small point-and-shoot digital cameras. A camera with a optical viewfinder or a DSLR will make things much easier.
What Kind Of Photographer Are You – What Do You Want To Photograph?
By asking what kind of photographer are you, I mean what kind of photos do you intend to take

This is an important question to answer because it defines the type of digital camera you need to buy. You may also want to consider the near future. Do you see yourself changing what you photograph or how you use photography.

The single most effective technique to getting great photos is using a tripod. The trouble is, a tripod often seems like too much trouble. It is worth the effort though. The late Galen Rowell would even take  a tripod to locations he had to run to.

How To Take Sharp Photos – Camera Movement
The single most valuable accessory for your camera is a tripod

Perhaps the single most valuable accessory for your camera (if you are serious about taking great pictures) is a tripod. Because they need every photo to be as sharp as possible, you will almost never see a professional photographer without a tripod nearby. In fact, a good, sturdy tripod is a professional photographers best friend (it’s a lonely life).

It is funny. I had two people ask me about buying the same model digital camera. Both times used from a friend. It was made by a consumer electronics company, not a photography company.

My guess is someone sold someone(s) a camera that was not what they needed or was not as good a deal as it seemed

How Not To Choose A Digital Camera
Do not go to a consumer electronics store and ask the person behind the counter or any of the sharks lurking in the isles (salespeople) what to buy!

In fact, I really do not recommend purchasing a digital camera from a discount store even if you already know which one you want to buy. There is something that happens all too often when people got to these places to buy something. They often end up buying a camera made by a company that has never been known for making any type of camera.

A lot of people ask me what resolution digital camera to buy. Many try to get by with less than they should. Some people buy too much.

Resolution – The Last Step To Sharp Photos
A good 35mm negative shows about 24 megabytes of information

By comparison, a good 35mm negative, when scanned into a computer, shows about 24 megabytes of information. You’ll find that a 6 megapixel camera will produce quality that is equal to a 35mm. This is why I recommend if you are looking for a digital camera you start looking at 6 megapixel cameras.

Sometimes you are better off just enjoying the event instead of trying to take a picture.

How To Take Great fireworks Photos
The more flexible cameras will allow you a much better chance of getting that great shot of the Grand Finale with the Statute of Liberty or whatever local landmark in the background.

If you want to take pictures in more difficult situations, spend a little more on a camera that does everything you want it to.