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 Here’s a post about a difficult situation with a client. What would you do in this situation?

In this case, I had just what the client was looking for.

The client wanted several things that were going to take extra time so I had to schedule an extra large block of time for them to come back. This is also during my busiest time of year. She also wanted to schedule at the most popular time of day.

Source: » Three Important Things To Remember When A Client Costs You Money


Find out how to really make money surfing the internet.

Agloco is just plain loco (I’m not sure why I haven’t seen this as much as I would expect)

Some people will make money with Agloco-maybe.

Let’s face it, someone like John Chow, who started early and has had thousands of sign-ups already may make money with Agloco. That is, if they get their act together and get it working.

Source: » How To Make More Money Online Surfing The Internet Than You Ever Will With Agloco

Are you looking for a home based business with integrity? 

I’ve looked at many companies that offer you a chance to start your own business. I looked at home-based businesses, Internet businesses, and franchises. They all seem to suffer from one or more similar problems.

Source: A home business that makes sense!

 Here’s a story about a really bad way to find customers. Never treat a potential customer in a way that will annoy them.

Does a cell phone need to be listed on the national do not call list to stop telemarketers?

No. Nearly all telemarketers use automated dialing. The FCC does not allow telemarketers to use automakers to call cell phones. They also cannot send email to cell phones from an Internet address. Yes, they are most likely breaking the law if they do this. We told them that. But nnnnnoooooo.

Source: » Bad Business Practice – Telemarketing to Cell Phones

A $7 Secret or the $77 Secret Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer
The $7 Secret report more or less based on sharing.

You get ahead while your affiliates also get ahead. A win-win situation like Steven Covey would say. Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer, on the other hand, claims that if you don’t get this information before your competition does, you will forever be poor.
Right now I have no plans to buy Affiliate Project X Day Job Killer.

It simply has too much hype to me, even with a moneyback guarantee. I’m tired of “Buy now or it will cost you more later.” I’m tired of “This report will make you millions.”

The $7 Answer to the Big Bucks Internet Marketing Gurus
If you’re interested in Internet marketing, no doubt you’re on several of the Internet marketing guru’s mailing lists.

Weekly, if not daily you’re inundated with the latest big secret that only they know that will make you money. The prices they charge for these secrets usually ranges from $47 to often thousands of dollars. While the information may be useful, it’s often too expensive.

Jonathan Leger, the creator of Translation Gold and Adsense Gold has a $7 report on Internet marketing. This 30 page report contains enough information to show you how to sell your own information products. He even includes the scripts that he uses with it.

Can the $7 Secrets Internet marketing guide make you money?

Make Money – Look For Opportunity
Do you want to make money and live comfortably?

Who wouldn’t? Nearly everyone wants to make enough to live comfortably. Maybe you would like to make money to live more than comfortably. One key to making more money is to begin to really welcome the idea that money can come from anywhere, and anytime. Whether you have millions now, or whether you are down to your last penny, the basic principle is the same: Be open to multiple sources of income. Maybe money does not grow on trees, but if you look, there are possibilities to make money everywhere.

Want more ideas for runnig your own business check Self-Employment Information 

Self-Employment Information
Perhaps self-employment is the American dream.

The idea of being your own boss, self-employed is very enticing. Self-employment can have many rewards. Being self-employed can also be much more work than working for someone else.

Finding A Student Loan

Many are going off to college soon. Getting all the financial aid you can is important to getting the education you need.

Finding A Student Loan
In order to qualify for a federal loan, students must complete the FAFSA form.

Do this straight away. Find out if the financial aid offices at your schools of interest require that other forms be filled out. Some require that you fill out the College Scholarship Service’s profile application. It is free to file a FAFSA form, but the College Scholarship Service’s application requires a small fee.

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If you do not have your Coke rebate in the mail now – you may be too late.

My wife had me drop mine off at the Post Office last night. I think they are due July 31.

Hope you got yours to Coca-Cola in time.

Enjoy 🙂