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A Test For Diabetes Find Out For Sure
If you do not want to see a doctor, or cannot see a doctor, you can still be tested for diabetes.

There are FDA approved home diabetes test kits available. You can order these kits online and have them delivered to your home. Within a few minutes, you can perform this test in her home and know if you’re likely to have diabetes. Should the tests show that you have an abnormal blood glucose level, it is very important that you meet with a doctor immediately.

Find out how to get a home diabetes test kit


Child obesity is a problem worldwide. Australia is just one example of how it is become so prevalent.

Alarming Statistics About Child Obesity In Australia
According to the Australian government:
An estimated 1.5 million people under the age 18 are considered overweight or obese.
This means about 20-25% of Australian children are overweight or obese.

The proportion of overweight or obese children in Australian is increasing at an accelerating rate. This pattern, showing up since the 1980’s, is similar internationally.

If you like long boring statistics read more at Alarming Statistics About Child Obesity In Australia 

This is one of those health topics that is not over hyped by the media. Maybe it should be.
Diabetes And Cinnamo – is Cinnamo A Cure For Diabetes?
Cinnamo seems to act similar to insulin and can help the activity of insulin.

This looks like it could be a big help to those with type 2 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, the cells of the body have become resistant to insulin. Cinnamon lowers the blood glucose levels.

Thyroid Dysfuction In Children

Espesially with vert young children, it is important to know the symptoms of thyroid gland dysfunction. 

Thyroid Dysfuction In Children
If you suspect a thyroid dysfunction in your child, make sure to get the child to the doctor right away.

It is important to consult with a pediatrician who specializes in thyroid related illnesses, in order to find the best treatment for your child.

Here is an article about type 2 diabetes.

More and more, people are becoming susceptible to diabetes. One reason we see this is the modern lifestyle and foods we take.

Risk factors and symptoms of type 2 diabetes
In America, over 60 million people have insulin resistance or are affected by it.

One out of four people with insulin resistance may develop Type 2 Diabetes. That is 15 million people that need to watch for diabetes symptoms. Are you one of them?


I’m not sure the translation is great but here are some symptoms of diabetes.


你甚至可以完全确定它面前变得糖尿病. 了解糖尿病症状,及早采取行动的第一个迹象,可以给你一个机会,完全防止糖尿病.

Child Obesity Statistics

Children that are overweight are also more likely to become obese adults. Again, obesity can lead to further health problems like diabetes.

Acting as soon as your child starts to show symptoms of obesity can really prevent many health problems and help your child live a longer, healthier life.

Child Obesity Statistics
Child Obesity Statistics Don’t Lie

Statistics gathered by use of clinical studies and trials show that for the past 30 years, the number children that are overweight worldwide has doubled.

Children And Eating Disorders

It can be surprising that obesity can occur in children without parents noticing or trying to do anything about it.

Children And Eating Disorders
You may not even be aware of the possibility, but your child may be suffering from an eating disorder.

Children’s eating disorders might include obesity in a child or anorexia without you even knowing it. Younger children often are too young to be aware of their behaviors or know what a disorder is, so you have to be on the look out for them.

Child Obesity In Australia

Child obesity in Australia has increased just like child obesity in America

Child Obesity In Australia
One of the reasons child obesity in Australia is increasing is the increase in the amount of food Australian children are eating.

One study of child obesity statistics shows Australian children increased calorie intake for 10-15 year old children by ten per cent for the years 1985 – 1995 alone.

Child obesity is increasing at an alarming rate.
Childhood obesity can lead to several serious illnesses. It can also be a cause for low self-esteem in children.

Child Obesity Home Page
Worldwide child obesity is becoming a problem. There is child obesity in America and there is even child obesity in Australia. It can happen anywhere.