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The Prime Outlets in Pleasant Prairie, WI is often referred to by Wisconsin residents as the Kenosha Mall or the Kenosha Outlet Mall.

The Prime Outlets Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin

The Prime Outlets Mall was the second outlet mall in the area. The origianl outlet mall was further north on I-94, but has since closed, leaving the Prime Outlets the main shopping attraction along I-94 in Kenosha County.

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 Here’s a post about a difficult situation with a client. What would you do in this situation?

In this case, I had just what the client was looking for.

The client wanted several things that were going to take extra time so I had to schedule an extra large block of time for them to come back. This is also during my busiest time of year. She also wanted to schedule at the most popular time of day.

Source: » Three Important Things To Remember When A Client Costs You Money

Start Your Day Really Right!

Some people never have a positive thought. 

A few years ago at New Year’s, My wife said something to someone.

My wife (who is Chinese) wished a Chinese New Year wish to the person. “New Year, New Hope.”

You would think that would be met with at the very least a “thank you” or something along that line.

Instead, she was verbally attacked.

Source: » Start Your Day Really Right!

Are you looking for a home based business with integrity? 

I’ve looked at many companies that offer you a chance to start your own business. I looked at home-based businesses, Internet businesses, and franchises. They all seem to suffer from one or more similar problems.

Source: A home business that makes sense!

 Here’s a story about a really bad way to find customers. Never treat a potential customer in a way that will annoy them.

Does a cell phone need to be listed on the national do not call list to stop telemarketers?

No. Nearly all telemarketers use automated dialing. The FCC does not allow telemarketers to use automakers to call cell phones. They also cannot send email to cell phones from an Internet address. Yes, they are most likely breaking the law if they do this. We told them that. But nnnnnoooooo.

Source: » Bad Business Practice – Telemarketing to Cell Phones

The $7 Answer to the Big Bucks Internet Marketing Gurus
If you’re interested in Internet marketing, no doubt you’re on several of the Internet marketing guru’s mailing lists.

Weekly, if not daily you’re inundated with the latest big secret that only they know that will make you money. The prices they charge for these secrets usually ranges from $47 to often thousands of dollars. While the information may be useful, it’s often too expensive.

Jonathan Leger, the creator of Translation Gold and Adsense Gold has a $7 report on Internet marketing. This 30 page report contains enough information to show you how to sell your own information products. He even includes the scripts that he uses with it.

Can the $7 Secrets Internet marketing guide make you money?

Learn To Speak Chinese Online Or With Your Computer
For me, to learn to speak Chinese, has been very difficult. Chinese must be one of the most difficult languages to learn, at least for my American tongue. After watch Chinese movies in Chinese, all I have managed was being able to tell the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese dialects.

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We Got Our Coke Rebate Today

Our Coke Summer Stock Up Rebate arrived in the mail today!

We sent our rebate in just a few days before it was due at Coca-Cola. It must have got there in time.
The Coke rebate check is for $10.00. We have till December 14, 2006 to cash it. I do not think we will wait that long.:)

I may need to buy some more Coca-Cola soon anyways.

Would You Enjoy Life With A 42 Plasma TV?
If you are thinking a purchasing a 42 plasma TV, I vote go for it!
My 42 plasma tv is practically the best that money can buy.

I use my 42 plasma tv to watch everything, including football games, live war coverage on cnn, the 6 o clock news, and anything else that you can think of. One of the best parts of having a 42 plasma tv is the realism of watching it – it’s like you’re actually there in the heat, making tackles and calling plays, or maybe involved in a steamy romance on a soap opera, or launching cruise missles at the enemies of freedom all around the world. i really enjoy renting movies online and watching them at home – it’s the ultimate in theater convienience.

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