Door County Wisconsin is a very popular vacation area even with other Wisconsin residents.

Maybe it’s because it is so close to Green Bay and the Packers. Maybe it is popular because the area is so beautiful. Perhaps, because it offers a great getaway and is still not too far from Milwaukee (or even Illinois).

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The fun in Door County does not stop with the arrival of cooler weather.Those bike trails turn into cross country ski trails during the winter. There is also snowshoeing to be done.There are a large number of marked snowmobile trials. Wisconsin is one of the few places youll see marked snowmobile signs on roads.Finally, there is deer hunting season. Im not a deer hunter, but living in Wisconsin, Ive know a lot of hunters that head up to Door County every year for deer season. I’ve seen several places offering hunting and fishing licenses along the highways. Deer season is probably not a good time to go to Door County hike obviously.

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