I need a picture ID to take out a library book.

No ID is needed to vote.

A high ranking Wisconsin politician was caught voting twice during an election. Despite this, he had initially stated that he was not going to pull out of the race he was in (he did finally pull out).

There are those that say asking for a picture ID when you vote is unfair to those who do not have a drivers license. This is nonsense! You need an ID to cash a check at a bank. Is there anyone that does not fit into that category? No matter what your income, you have some kind of check to cash (S.S. or welfare).

In the city I live, we had more votes than registered voters in the last presidential campaign. Thousands more. No, I guess the system here works great. No need to make sure a real live person is voting for himself or herself. Oh by the way, Kerry had the most votes here. He had a lot of support from the grave apparently.

Somehow, we are told, it is unfair to ask for a picture ID to vote. Why?