I find that most people who do buy a digital camera by photographic manufacturer seem more satisfied with their decision than those that buy a consumer electronics brand or off name brand. I do not think it is coincidence.

What Brand Digital Camera Should I Buy?
If you ask the question “What brand of digital camera should I buy?” to a group of photographers you will may start a very heated conversation

There is a tendency for any person to feel that their choice on any matter is the best. There also seems to be a need in most people to convince others of the correctness of that choice. This is true on almost any subject and choosing a digital camera is no exception. So, read the following knowing that some is my personal opinion and some is based on my experience and some from watching the experiences of others. Also, you may or may not get the same advice if you ask another photographer. Whatever advice you take, make sure it is backed up with some fact and relevant experience.