When you are choosing a digital camera one of the first question to answer is “what do you want to photograph.”

Not everyone will be best suited with a Canon EOS1Ds Mark II. In fact, it would not be a fun camera at all to take to a party (as long as you are not there just to photograph the party).

On the other hand, if you want to photograph your kids soccer games, you will have a hard time with many small point-and-shoot digital cameras. A camera with a optical viewfinder or a DSLR will make things much easier.
What Kind Of Photographer Are You – What Do You Want To Photograph?
By asking what kind of photographer are you, I mean what kind of photos do you intend to take

This is an important question to answer because it defines the type of digital camera you need to buy. You may also want to consider the near future. Do you see yourself changing what you photograph or how you use photography.