We Lost And Found Our Coke Rebate.

For a while we thought we may need to try a trip to the grocery store to see if they had any $10.00 Coke rebates left. Fortunately, my wife found where she put the Coca-Cola  rebate.

The Other Fun Part Of The Rebate Was Cutting Out The UPC Codes

I do not know about you, but I have not drunk all the Coke products yet. That means that some of the 12 pack cases of Coke still have cans in them. You need to send in the UPC codes from the cases.

If the case is open, the cans of Coca-Cola roll out the opening when you turn the case to the end th UPC code is on. 🙂

My Wife Punctured One Can While Trying To Cut The Code Out.

We got to drink one can of Coke a bit early. 🙂

Anyways, we have the Coca-Cola rebate ready to send in. We have the UPC codes also. Not a bad deal.