I get tired of all the people who think they are the only ones that can be trusted with anything.

A pizza delivery man in Milwaukee shot someone who was trying to hold him up (attempting armed robbery even though they used a BB gun).  They have decided not to charge the delivery guy with carrying a concealed gun.

What got me mad was a caller on a local radio program. 

The caller admitted that he himself carried a gun when he carried money from his business to the bank. (I bet that is not the only times he really carries the gun – he also carries it on his way back).

This caller did not think the delivery man had enough money on him to make it worth carrying a gun. Not only that, the caller was worried the delivery man may not know how to properly use the gun (concerned he may shoot the wrong person).

The delivery man had been robbed before working where he does. There is no doubt that his job was dangerous.

He seems to have handled the gun just fine. He shoot the bad guy.

I think this is typical of an attitude I see that is very common.

You are not worthy of this. Only me and those of my group are responsible enough to do this. 

Many people who are openly against citizens carrying concealed weapons, are known to carry themselves. One senator from California claimed because she was against it, she needed to defend herself. Talk about hypocrisy.

I love the way all those rich politicians act about the environment.

Yet, they all drive excessively large vehicles. It was pointed out, that at a meeting about the high cost of gas, many of the politicians had to drive across just across the street. Many left their SUV’s running during the interview. Funny how many recent and current potential presidential candidates make a big fuss over the fact they are using a bus for their campaigns.  Yet, their driveways are full of SUV’s. I guess they are too important in the cause.

How about Hillary Clinton’s health care program? Under the program, you could not have anything done that the government did ok. Yet, they exempted themselves and the other politicians from this. I guess if something worked and was not approved only they were worthy of the cure.

It gets worse in local politics.

A local politician called large garages that many homeowners want to build monstrosities (at this meeting a man wanted a variance to match the pitch of the garage to his house – about a 6 inch difference). Yet, again, my city is paying for a politician to drive around in an $80,000 vehicle. Which is a bigger monstrosity?

There will aways be people who think that they are above everyone else.

The scary part is when they are in government and they make laws for everyone else and do not apply those laws to themselves.