Everyone seems to be interested in the Coca-Cola rebate

The Coke rebate is an awsome deal. We got the four twelve packs for $10.00 and the rebate is $10.00 for four packs.

I am curious how many people are just looking to save money?

How many of you would still drink Coca-Cola products? Do you just d ink Coke when it is on sale or you have a rebate?

Are you drinking Coke Classic or one of the other Coca-Cola products you can use the rebate for?

I admit I bought several different products. Although there is almost nothing more refreshing than a cold Coke when you have not had one for a while (2-3 days for me), I like to vary the taste often. Coca-Cola has had Mr.Pibb available in our area again, something I have missed for a long time.

I would probably had bought much of it anyway myself. 

But a big thanks to Coca-Cola for the rebate anyways.