It is so nice to have a Noreclo razor now that Philips has replaced the one that stopped working.

Like I said, Philips / Norelco sent me a new razor to replace the old one. This one is a Norelco Cool Skin 7775x. The old one was a Norelco Cool Skin 7737 XD. Ever wonder if these model numbers actually mean anything?

I am really impressed with Norleco’s customer service. I would think about buying Norelco or Philips products over some other manufacturers next time I go shopping.

Anyway, it is nice to be back to comfortable shaves again. After using a blade it was feeling like my face had a dozen paper cuts every time. Using the Norelco Cool Skin in the shower with Alloy Shave Gel gets me a shave as close or maybe even closer than the Gillette Fusion I used when the old Cool Skin stopped working and it is way more comfortable a shave.

Anyone else had great experiences with other manufacturers?