My Norelco razor stopped working memorial weekend.

It had given me the best shave I have ever had. It is (was) a model that you can use in the shower. Combined with a the best shave gel (Melaleuca’s Alloy Shave Gel) it did as good as blades and without any irritation. Better, in fact, than the new Gillette Fusion I have been using since it stopped working.

It was about a year and a half old and I was going to buy another when I noticed Norelco warrantees are for two years. I called and they told me to send it in.

They even paid for the shipping!

Philips even called to see if my call had answered my problems.

Instead of fixing the old one Philips sent me a new Norelco – its even a newer model.

I really cannot recommend a Norelco razor enough. Tomorrow morning my face will not sting after shaving.