My wife was not feeling well

She is not one who normally complains, so when she asked if we should go to the emergency room I knew that meant we should go.

We waited about 21/2 half hours.

I am glad I took my laptop, so I was able to do a few things during the wait. The only real troubles with the wait were the waiting room TV and the chairs. My wife was really out of it and the chairs they had did not provide a comfortable way to rest. The TV must of had some type of network problem and seemed to be having bandwidth trouble. It would keep stopping, blurting out loud a few words, and skipping frames like a dirty DVD – very annoying for my wife who was feeling dizzy.

I got to watch Flight for Life land on the roof when I was parking the car

I have seen Flight for Life land at emergencies twice but this was the first time I have seen a helicopter land on a roof. Kinda cool. It was very busy when we got to the hospital and Flight For Life probably added to the stress they must have had in the emergency room.

We seemed to be nearly the last ones in the waiting room when they called us.

Once they called us, my wife eventually had 3 doctors check her. It seems to be not too serious and the dizziness she has should go away.

I got lost when I went to get the car in the parking lot.