Coca-Cola has a rebate to get people to try Coca-Cola Blak

There is a rebate of $4.99 for trying a case (4 bottles) of Coca-Cola Blak. It ends early May so if you want to try Blak this is a great chance.

I think you can still use the rebate even if you like Coca-Cola Blak

Although the rebate is called “Like it or it’s free” or somthing similar (I don’t have it with me as I write this). It says nothing about not liking it if you send the rebate in.

Now, a local store has a case of Coca-Cola Blak on sale for about $4.39. If Coke gives the whole rebate of $4.99 you make about $.60 just to try it. Cool huh? Not sure if they will pay for the stamp but who cares. Blak for free!

Do I think Coke Blak will last

Not if they have to pay everyone to buy it. I think this will get a lot more people to try it. I gave some to my mom (she is a coffee drinker). She really liked it. She said “This is a Coke for coffee drinkers).

I think maybe it is also a coffe for Coke drinkers