I finally got a chance to try Coca-Cola BlaK

Will Coke’s new coffee-Coke fusion drink be around long? That seems to be the question for any new drink nowdays.

Coke is doing a great job marketing it

I haven’t seen any ads for it myself. That is more a statement fo how little TV I watch nowdays. I actually heard about it at the Motley Fool Investment Website. At the E-X Blog they got to take part in Coke’s BlaK givaway at Time’s Square. The design team at Coke did a great job on the bottle. Even those that say they don’t like it love the look.

Not everyone likes it

But many do. Nicole Weston at Slashfood likes it. She didn’t say she would buy a lot of it though. At Iateapie.net (a diet food blog) they actually suggest it may make a good alternative to a diet soda. Or maybe even a regular soda.

It has a lot of competion

The bottled drink market already has too many choices. It is not a matter of choosing between Coke and Pepsi anymore. It is between different Cokes and different type of Pepsi. It also between a dozen other drinks including bottle water (also with Coke and Pepsi versions). Can Coke BlaK survive?

Definately Maybe!

Because it is expensive, Coca-Cola can make a profit on a smaller number of sales. Coke doesn’t need you to drink 3 bottles a day. It is different enough to wedge a market share and it does not really replace a regular Coke due to it’s price and different market.

Did I like it?

I don’t care for chilled coffee at all. I only drink coffee for the caffine. I do like Coke though. So, I wanted to try it. I had a hard time finding it in a single bottle (must be a Wisconsin thing). I didn’t want to spend $5.00 on chilled coffee to find out I don’t like chilled coffee (which I already knew). I finally found one.

I do like it!

It seemes to tast better as I drank more. I now find myself wanting to try it again. My wife noticed a store in the area has a sale 10 for $10 and I’m wondering if it’s worth the trip. It seems very addicting. Maybe they are using one of their original ingredients.