I finally hit the wall last night

I have been up later than usual for the last few weeks almost straight. I have also not had much chance to sleep in or catch up. While I had been planning to do a lot of web work last night when I got home, I went to bed about 8:00 pm. I slept most of the night till about 6:20am. I was just too tired to do anything at all.
This is very unusual for me. I rarely ever go to bed before 11:00. Usually 12:00 or 1:00. Last week I went to bed several times after 3:30. I still had to be at work the next morning. It has been a busy couple of weeks.

I always seem to be able to work best at night. Say, about 10:00pm – 12:00pm or maybe even later. It always seems to be that way. I’ve kinda felt the best way to see the sun rise is to stay up all night to see it. Just seems a lot easier than trying to get up early.

I have often wondered if living in a later timezone like California or even Hawaii would make it easier to follow normal sleeping and waking hours. That way, when I am normally tired, it would really be about 10:00pm.

Of course there is also the chance that I would just get used the the timezone and start to stay up late there to. Maybe I just work better when it is night out and time really has nothing to do with it?

I did spend a few weeks in Malta. They are about 8 hours ahead of the time here. I was totally unable to sleep at night there at all. I would be wide awake all night and finally feel tired about 5:00am. I would then be very tired the rest of the day.

So I ask, would it make a difference if I lived in a later timezone?