Isn't it funny how people who aren't Christians are often are always quoted around Christian Holidays as experts about Christianity

Especially around Christmas and Easter. Without fail. This week I saw it also. Someone always has some new discovery about how we (as Christians) have been doing it all wrong.

This week the "new discovery" was that it is wrong to use the Bible in any literal way

Not like this one hasen't been used before. I'm not even how this could have been newsworthy.

Yet, I saw reports about this on two different stations

I'm sorry, I cannot tell you who it was that made the statement. Who knows? Maybe he thinks of himself as a Christian. I kind of doubt it. Even if he does got to church, what would he believe in. How could he know anything he would be told is true, considering his statements.

What was his reasoning

He believes that Christians have been interpeting the Old Testement wrong. Not just recently. He believes that parts of the Bible were really a mixture of various social, philisophical, and religious beliefs from middle eastern societies. The stories I saw also stated that the roots of these beliefs were started many thousands of years ago. His reasoning was that the Torah was not finished until the time of Ezra around 500 B.C. This meant to him that there really was no absolute collection or accurate list of what Christian believe as the Old Testament till then. If this is the case, then to really understand what the Bible says we need to look at it in relation to the societies (some pagan) that really may have written it. I wish I could give you a better account about this report but I hope I am giving you a good idea what it was about. Maybe you saw the reports in the news too? His statement was to the effect Christians should look at the Bible in a less accurate way and not take it as we have been understanding it for 2000 years.

It really just is the same old "The Bible is just a book of old myths and you can't take it seriously" story

Nothing really new. And it really is not even a good theory.

It is funny that this happen during the week of Easter and the report failed to even consider one person who is an absolute authority on God's Word

Jesus quoted the Old Testament. He quoted it in ways that His enemies has to acknowledge was the correct understanding of it. He used it over and over. He did so with understanding and authority.

In fact the report made no mention of Jesus and the New Testament at all

Jesus said he came to fullfill the law (what we know as the Old Testament). He did. He was born just the the Old Testament prophets predicted. In Bethlehem, by a virgin. He died the way they predicted. Crucified, a method described by the prophets that had not been invented at the time. And finally, he rose from the dead 3 days later, not even the disciples realized that he would do this to fulfill prophesy.

Jesus himself proves our interpetaion of the Old Testament

There is no way to get around this. Jesus lived and died proving our interpetation of the Old Testament. It also proves he was who he said he was. The Son of God.

You can't say Jesus was a "good man" and not believe he was God's Son

If he is not who he said he is, he is a liar. A big liar. A liar of liars. And that is not a description of a good man. Yet the Old Testament proves, he was who he said he was. He proves the Old Testament.

That's why I don't think the person who made the statement is a Christian

Why is it that someone who doen't believe the Bible, is giving advise to Christians on how they should interpet it?

Unfortunately, Christians do the same thing

There are Christian who try to combine evolution with Christianity. In effect telling those who believe evolutiuon how they should interpet their religion.

Evolution and Christianity are incompatatble.

If there is no Garden of Eden, there is no fall of man. There was no reason for Jesus to die. Again, Jesus kind of puts an end to that line of reasoning.

I'm not sure if I'll continue to write about religion or Christianity on this blog. It just seemed like a good time to talk about this. Besides, someone was really messing up bad in the news.